Student Dress Expectations

Student Dress Expectations:

Place Bridge believes in High Expectations for all scholars, and seeks to set a scholarly tone in our school. The dress code policy for our school asks that all scholars rely on our core value of Integrity, and dress accordingly as professional students. School personnel reserve the right to ask a scholar to adhere to the dress code or change clothing. If a scholar refuses to follow dress code a parent will be contacted and asked to bring appropriate clothing. We ask that all parents scholars keep in mind that school is a place of education, and we ask that scholars use their integrity to dress appropriately for an educational setting. Keep the following in mind as you purchase clothes for school. 

In addition, there are a couple of specific things that need to be avoided at school.

No hats, beanie, or any other headgear unless it is medical approved or for religious purpose

Any attire that causes a distraction or safety concern to the learning environment is not allowed. (Sagging pants, big hole in jeans showing skin)

No showing of belly, or bottoms

No tanks top or muscle shirts

Attire that contains images of drugs or alcohol is not allowed.

Attire that contains sexually explicit images or language is not allowed.

Attire that contains offensive language or images, such as profanity or racial slurs, is not allowed.

Dress Code Violations: