Newcomer Programming

Newcomer Center

Place Bridge Academy is a district newcomer center for grades 1-5. Last year we added 6-8 grades.  Newcomer programs are designed for students who are new to the county and have limited English exposure. At Place Bridge Academy we value supporting all students, especially those who are new to the country and are learning to be proficient English language learners. To qualify for our Newcomer Center, students must meet the district definition of a Newcomer student. This program is designed to help support early language learners in a new educational environment. Newcomer classes are meant to build English language acquisition skills quickly while supporting the social emotional needs of our students. Newcomer classes are designed to build English language skills in all content classes while exposing students to grade level expectations so they will be successful learners throughout their academic careers.

Our newcomer program is designed to keep class sizes small (15 students or less). Classes emphasize language growth in all domains (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). In addition, the social emotional needs of students and families who are new to the country and have limited English exposure are emphasized. Students receive additional social emotional supports and connections are made to support families when able. Students who qualify for the Newcomer Center will typically be enrolled for two semesters (one school year), though a third semester may be needed based on the progress of the student. Teachers in the Newcomer Center classes monitor the academic and English language growth of students and recommend them for transition out of the Newcomer Center when they have reached their language acquisition goals.