Gifted & Talented

At Place Bridge Academy, highly effective and distinguished teachers differentiate instruction to meet the diverse needs of all students in their classrooms, which includes students in the district talent pool and those identified as GT (Gifted and Talented). 

Academic and social-emotional skills are included in our daily practices and our schools philosophy, which harbors much benefit for advanced learners. Our district itinerant collaborates with teachers to provide additional support when possible, and supports identified students with their ALPs (Advanced Learning Plans) throughout the year. 

Testing is ongoing and common practice for our itinerant to provide universal opportunities for students to exhibit data points that may allow for identification. Ultimately, multiple opportunities for extension activities and student engagement are also encouraged and nurtured by the itinerant in symphony with the faculty, staff, and administration. 

For questions please contact:  
Coy Rice, D.M. 
Dr. Rice’s GT Site