Place Bridge sign outside

Place Bridge Academy is proud to be one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse schools in the country.  We serve students from all over the world, as well as students from here in Denver.

Place Bridge Academy was established in 2008 as a magnet school to provide programming for the Refugee and Newcomer students of Denver Public Schools. The designation of a magnet school specifically for refugee students enabled the district to offer specific programming to ensure the academic success of these children. As refugee families change jobs and continue on their journey of settling in our country , they often must relocate. For children in a typical school, this would mean a change in schools and a break in educational continuity. Since Place Bridge Academy is a magnet school, our Newcomer students are assured that as long as they reside in Denver they will not have to change schools. Obviously, this is comforting to children who have already experienced a great deal of change in their lives. Children, grades ECE through 8, come to Place Bridge Academy from all areas of the Denver Public Schools attendance area. Almost all of the students who attend the school arrive on buses, coming from all parts of the city. 

Most of our students have come to us from one of 64 home countries other than the United States. Many of the children have spent time in refugee camps, and experienced interrupted schooling. Our students speak a total of 45 different home languages and dialects. Many of the students come to us knowing little or no English, and it is a focus of the school to support them with both language and content acquisition. The PBA staff also works hard to provide increased social-emotional support to students, as well as wrap-around services to families.

The Place Bridge Academy staff is extremely proud to serve all of our students, and is honored to be part of our Newcomer families’ journey as they arrive and begin a new chapter in the U.S..