Resources for Parents

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Our PBA Family Resource Center (FRC), in partnership with The Oaks Church, Send Relief, and Clothes to Kids of Denver, is now fully functional.

The PBA FRC is designed to serve two purposes:

Parents visiting our FRC will be able to get the following for each of their children AT NO COST:

Our Family Resource Center is located at the back of the school building, Trailer No M56. The Center is open for parents to come in to shop for their children FOR FREE on the following days:

Please reach out with any questions you may have. We encourage you to stop by during the hours listed above if you need help.


If you need help with calling organizations for rent/utility or to find housing help, please contact the Denver Public Library Plaza at 720-865-2362. They can help you find what you need.


This program can assist households at risk of eviction due directly or indirectly to COVID-19 hardships. They can provide up to 15-months of rental arrears as well as relocation assistance including security deposit and application fee assistance. Any households with language/technology barriers may also call the Colorado Housing Connects hotline (1-844-926-6632) for assistance with their application. While this program only serves Denver residents, the State of Colorado is also running their own Emergency Rental Assistance Program which is serving counties throughout the state. Click HERE for more information.


If you are a renter or homeowner and need assistance with paying utilities, including Denver Water and Xcel Energy, you may be eligible for utility assistance through Denver’s Temporary Rent & Utility Assistance Program. Immigration status is not a requirement for the Temporary Rent & Utility Assistance Program. To connect with a representative CALL OR TEXT:  1-888-480-0066 / M – F 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. mountain time, Saturdays 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. 


If you are a tenant or homeowner and need emergency rent or mortgage assistance, please check out the options below. We receive a high number of calls and are not able to respond to all requests for emergency assistance. The need for assistance is greater than the funding available. Contact 303.597.5000, address 3201 South Tamarac Dr., Denver, CO 80231.

Do you need help with payments for essential bills?

If you are having issues with payments for essential bills, FACE CENTER is supporting families with utility bills – rent, energy etc. They will also help walk families through completing your application. There is also support for undocumented families available and they will connect families to those who are processing the apps. If you are interested, please reach out to: FACE Center – Johnson Elementary School – Phone: 720-424-2970 FACE Center – Phone: 720-424-2961.

If you need emergency rent or mortgage assistance due to financial hardship caused by COVID-19, visit for full details and to apply for state funding. This is the state’s main COVID-19 response site and the best place to start. JFS funds go through the state’s program and all requests for assistance must go through the application process on their website – please follow that link.

Contact United Way’s Helpline at 2-1-1 for an up-to-date list of multiple agencies that are accepting calls about rental assistance.


2-1-1 is a confidential and multilingual service connecting people to vital resources across the state. No matter where you live in Colorado, you can find information about resources in your local community.

Free Weekly Food Delivery for Home Aged 6 to 18!

Denver Food Cluster is providing free weekly food deliveries of 7 meals, 14 snacks, and 7 cartons of milk for each child in the home aged 6-18. This is for all Denver families living within 20 miles of the capital building. Once a family signs up, deliveries start within a week or 2. The deliveries continue through June of this year. Learn more information or to register your children. call or text 720-699-9978 or email

FREE FACE Center Virtual Classes & Events!

Citizenship Class:
Participants can prepare for their citizenship test by attending citizenship classes on Monday/Wednesday from 9 – 10 AM or 5 – 6 PM or Tuesday/Thursday from 9 – 10 AM or 5 – 6 PM. Click here for more information or follow the link below

Parent to Para:
Denver Public Schools is seeking a diverse pool of paraprofessionals and has created a program to support interested DPS parents in becoming paraprofessionals. This program includes a 12 week course designed to prepare participants to pass the TABE test, get job placement assistance, resume and interview supports.  Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 6:00 – 7:00 PM. Click here for more information.

GEDParticipants can prepare for their GED by attending FREE GED tutoring sessions starting on September 7.  Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 5:00 – 6:00 PM. More information found here!

ESLThe new semester will begin on September 7.  Placement tests will be held August 30 to September 2.  To register for testing please call the FACE Center. Click here for more information.

Workforce Development:
Workforce Development services include assistance with job applications including DPS employment opportunities. They also assist participants with drafting a resume, cover letter and interview prep. For more information please see attached flyer. Please contact the FACE Centers to schedule an appointment.

Free Family Support Services Offered at the FACE Center.

The FACE Centers offer free wraparound services to community members 16 or older in order to obtain critical life skills to increase their economic self-sufficiency and the academic achievement of their students. The FACE Centers offer a variety of multi-generation services at one location, making it convenient for families to benefit from multiple services offered in their school community. Participants do not have to be DPS parents, all services are open to all community members.

For more information on class schedule and to register for any of the classes and services, please contact:

Family Constituency Services – Contents School and District Resources

For general Denver Public Schools questions or concerns, contact the Family & Community Helpline at 720-423-3054 or email

Place Bridge Academy/Denver Human Services Partnership – Help with Applying for Benefits

Our Partnership with Denver Human Services is ongoing! Please reach out to Juanita Chavez at 720-483-6606 if you need assistance with any of the following:

Or contact Belinda Lieu at 720-944-2774 or email, if you need assistance with any of the following: