Student in STEM program

Place Bridge Academy is proud to have a state-of-the-art STEM LAB! Students in both elementary as well as our upper academy have access to our lab through their electives schedule. Students in these classes experience project based learning, where they work in groups to solve real world problems. Most projects will take at least two weeks, and no two student groups will be working on the same project at any given time. Among other things, we provide our students opportunities to do 3D printing, build robots, and fly drones. We also use sensors to learn about our environment, as well as computers to create animations, design bridges, and learn to code. Our STEM lab supports students in becoming problem solvers who persevere and find solutions to whatever challenges they might face. 

Dedicated Computer Classrooms & Library Media Center

Place Bridge Academy is fortunate to have dedicated classrooms to provide instruction to our students on basic computer and internet skills. Additionally all classrooms and learning centers are equipped with the following: