The mission of the Place Bridge Academy Counseling Program is to create a caring community that enables all students, inclusive of PBA’s culturally and academically diverse population, to acquire academic, career, and personal/social competencies which build bridges for success!

The Counseling Program works closely with administration, teachers, mental health staff, the resource advocate, school-wide counseling and character programs, students, and parents to make sure our students are supported.

  • Guidance Curriculum – Guidance given in the classrooms and by presentations guiding students and families in the three domains (personal/social, academic, college/career.)
  • Responsive Services – Meeting with students, parents, and staff to meet students’ needs. This includes conflict resolution, running small groups, and crisis counseling.
  • Individual Planning – The Counseling Programs supports students in planning their academic, college and career paths.
    • Starting in 1st grade, all students will begin to create an ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan). When students complete their 8th grade year, they will leave with a portfolio that includes what kind of career they would like to go into, what sort of college or training they will need after high school, and an idea of the classes they will be taking during their four years of high school. If your child is in the 8th grade, please stay involved with the counseling department activities, and have conversations with your child about these important decisions.

The counseling program also supports our AVID program and students. Ms. Koenig is your AVID counselor!

Tami Koenig
Place Bridge Academy Professional School Counselor

Monday- Thursday 8:15 am-4:15 pm

Therapeutic counseling and other mental health resources.