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soccer teamIn the fall, we have teams for girls’softball, boys’ soccer, co-ed cross-country, volleyball, and flag football. In the winter we will have boys’ and girls’ basketball, and in the spring we will have boys’ baseball, girls’ soccer, Futures football, and volleyball.

Student Requirementssoccer game
$25 Participation fee for each sport played. Prior to any middle school student’s participation in a tryout/sport, the school must have on record a current physician’s physical and an emergency card for athletic participation.

All athletes are expected to comply with weekly eligibility rules. A weekly eligibility report will be collected. Athletes who receive 2 “no’s” in one or more classes will not play. Keep up your grades.

It is the expectation that participants in the Nuggets/Avalanche Prep League will enjoy positive learning experiences with an emphasis on providing knowledge and skills necessary for them to develop into successful student/athletes.

Team Goals
Improve the ability of each athlete on the team. Heighten the integrity of the team in respect to developing skills and sportsmanship. Have fun!

Athletic Director: Kathleen Nickless- 720-424-1042soccer player on field