School Uniforms


In 2016-17, Place Bridge Academy will implement school uniforms for all grade levels in the 2016-17 school year. We expect school uniforms to promote unity, professionalism, and remove unnecessary distractions from learning.

Acceptable uniform clothing:

• Light blue, white, or yellow polos – long or short sleeve with collars
• Khaki-colored pants, knee length (or longer) skirts, knee length shorts, or jumpers
• Black or brown belts
• For the colder months – a plain BLACK sweatshirt without a hood or zippers
• Close-toed shoes: black, brown, white, blue. No heels or open-toed shoes
• Hijabs/head scarves for girls are acceptable in any color except red

Yellow polo shirts will be available for purchase in the school treasurer’s office. Suggestions of other area stores that carry these clothes for very reasonable prices:

Old Navy
Kid to Kid
Once Upon a Child